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UNICOM Intelligence Author
UNICOM Intelligence Author is a desktop authoring tool for creating and previewing surveys for use in a variety of output formats. When you have created your survey, you can activate it to UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin or open it in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper to format it and add scanning control information.
This User's Guide shows you how to use UNICOM Intelligence.
Getting started
This section walks you through the process of using UNICOM Intelligence Author to create, format, test, and activate a questionnaire.
See Getting started with UNICOM Intelligence Author.
The UNICOM Intelligence Author user interface
This section explains how to start up UNICOM Intelligence Author and open and save files, and introduces the main features of the UNICOM Intelligence Author window and how to use them.
See The UNICOM Intelligence Author user interface
UNICOM Intelligence Question Repository
UNICOM Intelligence Question Repository is a set of tools and components for the development, operation, and management of a working UNICOM Intelligence Question Repository. A UNICOM Intelligence Question Repository is used to store standard survey assets that can be used to create new questionnaires.
See UNICOM Intelligence Question Repository.
Creating questions and responses
You create a questionnaire by adding questions of different types to the questionnaire file, and then adding routing information to specify the order in which you want the questions to appear. This section deals with creating questions and responses.
See Creating questions and responses.
Changing the questionnaire order
When you create questions in the Routings pane, they are automatically added to a routing. A routing is a list of all the questions in the order in which they will appear in the questionnaire, together with additional instructions to skip questions, end the interview prematurely, and control the sequence of questions asked. A single default routing called NewRouting is created whenever you create a new questionnaire file, and all questions that you create in the Routings pane are automatically added to this routing.
See Changing the questionnaire order.
Adding languages and contexts
You can add multiple languages or contexts to your questionnaire, to allow the text of questions and responses to be added for that language or context. For example, you might want to create a questionnaire in English and have it translated into French, German, and Danish; or you might want two separate sets of text for each question, one to be shown to the respondent, and the other containing a brief summary of the question's content for use by data analysts.
See Adding languages and contexts.
Formatting questionnaires
You can format the way that your online questionnaires appear, and test the results in UNICOM Intelligence Author.
See Formatting questionnaires.
Testing questionnaires
You can test your questionnaires in UNICOM Intelligence Author by previewing individual questions or whole questionnaires. You can preview questionnaires in Web, phone, or data entry format. If you have UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper you can use it to preview the questionnaire in paper format.
See Testing questionnaires.
Activating questionnaires
To release a questionnaire online, you need to activate it. The Activation process uploads the questionnaire file to an UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin and creates an UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin project for it. It also creates a set of web pages for the questionnaire and provides a URL link to the web site containing the pages. Respondents can then access the web site and take the questionnaire by following the link.
See Activating questionnaires.
Managing project files
For more information, see Managing project files.
Managing quotas
If your interview will use quota control, you can test your quota categories and targets before you activate your interview in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin.
For more information, see Managing quotas.
Customizing UNICOM Intelligence Author
You can customize UNICOM Intelligence Author by setting options to be used throughout the application, using the Options dialog. You can change settings for individual questionnaire files using the File Properties dialog and configure external web services that can be used in the routing script with the Configure Interview Services dialog.
For more information, see Customizing UNICOM Intelligence Author.
UNICOM Intelligence Author and other applications
You can transfer questionnaire (.mdd) files between UNICOM Intelligence Author and other UNICOM Intelligence applications. This section provides information on how to transfer files, and on differences between the supported features.
For more information, see UNICOM Intelligence Author and other applications.
Troubleshooting, tips and hints
This section contains answers to frequently asked questions and information that might resolve problems that might occur when using UNICOM Intelligence Author.
For more information, see Troubleshooting UNICOM Intelligence Author.