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Specifying expressions using the advanced method
Use the Advanced Filter Specification window to create new expression quotas and to modify existing ones.
If you are editing an existing expression, it is displayed in the quota expression box when you open the dialog. Otherwise, the quota expression box is blank.
You can build expression quotas by adding variables and clicking the operator and function buttons. Alternatively, you can enter expressions directly into the quota expression box. In practice, you will probably use a combination of both methods.
If the questionnaire script contains a categorical question called gender, with the categories Male and Female, you can create the following expression to select male respondents:
To create this expression, do this:
1 Click Variables, and then choose gender from the list.
2 Click the . button.
3 Click Functions, and then choose ContainsAny from the list.
4 Click the { button, and then choose MALE from the list.
5 Click the } button.
6 Click the ) button.
This example uses a simple expression that could be created using the Filter on Categorical Variable dialog. However, because it was created using the Advanced method, it can be edited only in the Advanced Filter Specification dialog.
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