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Text formatting
Character styles are used in a special way in Looks: for example, to insert information from the questionnaire definition. You can apply only one character style at a time in Word, so you cannot use character styles to format text in Looks. However, you can apply formatting to the placeholders and text in the Looks using the Font and Paragraph commands on the Word Format menu and the corresponding tools on the Formatting toolbar. You must apply the formatting after you have applied the special UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper character styles, because this resets the character formatting to the default for the paragraph style that is applied.
Any formatting that you apply directly in a Look overrides the formatting in the paragraph style. By setting the base font and other formatting in the paragraph style, you need to apply additional formatting in the Look only when you want the text to be formatted differently from that set in the paragraph style.
By formatting with paragraph styles wherever possible, you have more flexibility and find it easier to maintain a house style. Although the installed Looks all use the Normal paragraph style, you can change the paragraph style that is applied to items in Looks. For example, if you want instructions to appear in a different font to question and category texts, use two different paragraph styles in the Looks. Apply one style to the instruction placeholders and texts, and the other to all of the other placeholders and texts. If you subsequently want to change the fonts that you use, you need to change them only in the two paragraph styles to apply them to the whole document. If you apply the formatting in the Looks, you must change the fonts in all of the Looks.
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