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Keeping lines of a question together
You will generally want to keep all parts of a question together on one page. However, there might be situations when you want a question presented across two or more pages; for example, a very large grid question.
There are a number of settings in Word that affect a document's pagination. Two of these settings affect how questionnaire items break across pages when you apply the Look:
Allow row to break across pages
Select this option to allow the text in the row to split over two pages.
Clear this option when you design the Look to keep all information in the row on the same page when you apply the Look.
Keep with next
Select this option in a Look to keep the entire question on the same page when you apply the Look.
Clear this option to allow the question to split over multiple pages. If you select this option for the entire Look, you ensure that a question is kept on one page.
There is no way to indicate that a question continues on the next page when you apply a Look formatted to break over pages. So, you will usually want to select Keep with next. If you design Looks to break across pages, select rows in the Look to act as headings. This prevents part, or all, of the answer portion of the question appearing without its associated question text.
When you select rows for headings, you must select at least the first row in the Look. If you want the third row in the Look to be the heading row, you must also select the first and second rows. You cannot change the heading rows that appear on second and subsequent pages, for example, by the addition of “Continued” text.
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