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Separating all questionnaire items
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper automatically creates a paragraph in the mr Separator paragraph style between the questionnaire items. You can quickly and easily change the way all of the questionnaire items are separated by changing this paragraph style. For example, you can increase the space between the items by changing the size of the font in the mr Separator paragraph style. You can also quickly draw a line between all of the questionnaire items by defining a line in the paragraph style. If you save the changes to the template, you can easily apply them to other documents.
To add a line between all questionnaire items
In Microsoft Word:
1 If you want to save the changes that you make to the template, select Add to template.
2 Click Format and select Border.
The Borders and Shading dialog opens.
3 Select a line style from the Style list, a color from the Color list, and a weight from the Width list.
4 In the Preview area, click where you want the line to appear relative to the paragraph.
5 Click OK.
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