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FAQs about file locations
When specifying a relative path in a DMS file, to what location should the path be relative?
When you run or debug a script in UNICOM Intelligence Professional, DMS Runner, or WinDMSRun, the current location is set to the location of the DMS file. This means that generally any relative paths should be specified relative to the location of the DMS file.
However, when you specify the path to an include file, it must always be specified relative to the folder in which the file that contains the Include statement is located.
What happens to the log file if I do not specify a log file location in the Logging section?
If your DMS file contains a Logging section, but it does not specify the location for the log file, UNICOM Intelligence Professional creates the log file in your default temporary folder. If you do not know where this is, you can find out by opening a command prompt and typing cd %temp%. This displays the location of the temporary folder. If you then browse to this folder in Windows Explorer, you should be able to see the log files. The log files have a .tmp filename extension. If you sort the files on the Modified column, the files will be listed in date and time order. If you have just run the DMS file, the log file will typically be one of the most recent ones.
In UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin, the Metadata Document (.mdd) file exists in several locations. Which one should I use when I want to export my UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin data?
Generally you should use the .mdd file that is in the FMRoot\Shared folder when transferring case data. See Working with UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server data for more information.
If you are exporting the data to Quantum, you can set up card, column, and punch definitions in the .mdd file in either the mrInterviewSource folder or the FMRoot\Shared folder. However, it is important that you always set them up in the same one, or card, column, and punch definitions might inadvertently get overwritten during activation.For more information, see Using Metadata Model to Quantum with UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin.
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