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Problems using other OLE DB providers
I am trying to export data from an Access database using the Microsoft ACE OLE DB Provider, and I get the following error even though I have specified in the select query the name of the table in the Access database. What is going wrong?
Error : Failed to create target table: Output - Unknown table 'VDATA'
This error occurs when any of the database columns included in the export have names that are not valid in the UNICOM Intelligence Data Model--for example, if a column name has a space in it (such as Tree Type). When this happens you need to redefine it using the AS keyword. For example:
SelectQuery = SELECT [Tree ID] As TreeID, [Tree Type] As TreeType FROM Trees
Note that you cannot use the AS keyword when you are transferring the data to a .sav file. See FAQs about how to set up specific jobs for more information.
I am attempting to run a transfer using a non-UNICOM Intelligence Data Model OLE DB provider to read the data, but my script fails with an “Object reference not set to an instance of an object” error. Why is this?
This error occurs if your DMS file contains an OnAfterMetaDataTransformation, OnJobStart, OnNextCase, or OnJobEnd Event section. These sections are not available when you are using a non-UNICOM Intelligence Data Model OLE DB provider. If your DMS file contains any of these sections, you will need to remove them and then try running the script again.
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