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Weighting FAQs
Is the Weight component subject to the same limits as Quantum (for example, in the number of variables you can use, etc.)?
The Weight component has no built-in limits.
My weighting routine fails with the following error:
Execute Error(9): Cannot move to first record.
This error typically occurs when you attempt to use the Weight component with an unsuitable data format. The Weight component is designed for use with the Data Model and a CDSC that is write-enabled (Can Add is True for the CDSC) and supports changing the data in existing records (Can Update is True for the CDSC).
For more information, see Supported features of the CDSCs.
I am trying to get the PreWeightVar property to work, but I keep getting an “IWeight does not support this property” error. Why is this?
In the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library - November 2002, unfortunately General weighting options incorrectly said the preweight property was called PreWeightVar instead of PreweightVariable. This error has now been corrected. Here is an example of setting this property:
Dim WgtEng, Wgt

Set WgtEng = dmgrJob.WeightEngine
Set Wgt = WgtEng.CreateWeight("Weight", "gender",   wtMethod.wtTargets)Wgt.PreWeightVariable = "visits"
I have set up a weighting routine and the weighting is generated as I expected but the weighting report contains only the following. Why is this?
The main weighting report is generated by the IWeightEngine.Execute method and additional information (such as information about cases that do not belong in the weighting matrix) is added by the IWeightEngine.Prepare method. Generally you should therefore write the report to the text file twice, once after the call to WeightEngine.Prepare and once after the call to WeightEngine.Execute. It sounds like you wrote the report to the text file after the call to WeightEngine.Prepare but not after the call to WeightEngine.Execute. See Weighting report for more information.
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