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Help! I opened my DMS file in WinDMSRun and now some of my comments have disappeared.
Each time you open or save a file or switch between the tabs in WinDMSRun, WinDMSRun regenerates the code. This involves removing some comments as well as expanding any #Include and #Define statements. However, comments that are within the Event and Metadata sections will be retained. You might therefore want to take a backup of your DMS files before opening them in WinDMSRun. Alternatively, you can save your DMS file with a different name in WinDMSRun. See WinDMSRun for more information.
When I click the Refresh button on the Input Data tab, I get the following error:
Unable to prepare the 'SELECT' command. Type mismatch error
converting '@<MyVariable>' from Text to ...
WinDMSRun displays this error when your DMS file contains a GlobalSQLVariables section. WinDMSRun cannot display the case data on the Input Data tab when the DMS file contains a GlobalSQLVariables section.
Writing to the console.
WinDMSRun will give an error if you attempt to run a DMS file that contains mrScriptBasic code that writes to the console. For example, suppose you run a DMS file that includes the following OnJobStart Event section to write some text to the console:
Event(OnJobStart, Write something to the console)
  Dim fso, console
  set fso = createobject("scripting.filesystemobject")
  set console = fso.createtextfile("con")
  console.Writeline("Some text")
End Event
WinDMSRun will display the following error:
Event(OnJobStart, Write something to the console) mrScriptEngine execution error: Execute Error(3) Method call failed. Unknown error.
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