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Sample scripts
The DDL comes with numerous sample scripts. By default, they are installed in this folder:
On Windows Vista 64-bit: See Troubleshooting.
This folder has the following subfolders:
Data Management
Includes a number of sample batch and DataManagementScript (DMS) files that demonstrate using UNICOM Intelligence Professional to perform various data management tasks using a script. For more information, see:
Using the sample DMS files
Sample batch files
Includes a number of samples that are designed to perform various tasks or to help you learn about UNICOM Intelligence scripting. For more information, see:
Sample mrScriptBasic files
Sample mrScriptMetadata files
Includes sample interview scripts that demonstrate how to create a questionnaire in UNICOM Intelligence Professional with UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server. See Samples for more information.
Includes a number of sample mrScriptBasic (.mrs) files that demonstrate using the UNICOM Intelligence Professional Tables Option to create market research tables using a script. See Alphabetical list of sample table scripts for more information.
The requirements for running the various samples vary: refer to the relevant documentation for full details.
Sample code