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Sample code
The DDL includes sample code in a number of programming languages. To compile the source code, you need to have the relevant programming language installed. By default, the sample code is installed in this folder:
This folder has the following subfolders:
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin
Contains Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 wizards for creating UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin applications. For more information, see Using the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin wizards.
Contains these items:
An Excel macro written in Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), which demonstrates accessing the metadata using the Metadata Model (MDM) and the case data using ADO, and which you can use to import data into Excel. For more information, see GetMRData Excel macro.
A Visual Basic 6 code snippet that demonstrates setting up aliases for the variable instances in an MDM Document. For more information, see Creating the Aliases Visual Basic sample.
A Microsoft Word macro that you can use to clean verbatim text responses collected in a UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server project. For more information, see Word macros to clean text responses.
Contains the source code (and sometimes the executable file) for a number of tools. The tools are organized into folders according to the programming language:
Tools > VB.NET
Contains the Visual Basic .Net source code and executable file for the following:
DM Query
A Windows query tool that works directly on the UNICOM Intelligence Data Model. See DM Query.
DSC Explorer (x64 64-bit installations)
A Windows application that uses the DSC Registration component to display details of all of the DSCs registered on your machine. See DSC Explorer.
MDM Explorer
A Windows application that enables you to browse objects in an MDM Document. See MDM Explorer.
DPM Explorer.NET
A Windows application that you can use to browse the DPM objects on your UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin system. See DPM Explorer.
A Windows application that you can use to create, modify, validate, and run DMS files. See WinDMSRun.
The DDL installation adds keys to this registry key:
so that the UNICOM Intelligence interops and assemblies are available to developers who want to compile the .NET sample code or develop .NET applications that integrate with the UNICOM Intelligence components.
Tools > VC8
Contains supporting Visual C++ 8.0 files.
Contains supporting Visual C++ 9.0 files.
Sample scripts