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Advanced: Files
The Files settings provides options for excluding specific folders when activating a project. Excluding specific folders effectively limits the number of files that are uploaded during the activation process.
Source files
This non-modifiable field displays the source files location specified in the Activate Current Project: Project settings.
Include sub-folders
When selected, the sub-folders selected in the Sub-folders to include section are copied to the Shared and Master project folders along with the main project files.
Sub-folders to include
Displays all sub-folders in the current Source files location. Select which sub-folders will be activated with the project.
This option is only available when the Include sub-folders option is selected.
UNICOM Intelligence files to include
Displays all file types that can be copied when a UNICOM Intelligence project is activated. File types not listed will not be activated with the project. Select which file types will be activated with the project.
You can add files to a project through activation, but you cannot remove files. Deselecting sub-folders, or UNICOM Intelligence files to include, will not remove any folders/files from the server.
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