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Data management scripting
This section describes how to perform data management-related tasks by using UNICOM Intelligence Professional.
Introduction to data management scripting
Tutorial for data management scripting
The process flow when a DataManagementScript (DMS) file is run
Detailed reference to the DataManagementScript (DMS) file, an overview of filtering data, and several examples
How to use the DMS Runner command prompt utility to run DMS files
Introduction to transferring data to and from various formats
How to publish live data to IBM Cognos Business Intelligence
How to export UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server data to other format
How to combine the case data from two or more data sources into a single data source
Cleaning data
Different methods of calculating weighting, and includes the formulae used by the Weight component
Creating different types of variables
Using data management scripting and other UNICOM Intelligence and IBM SPSS technologies to analyze the response data from your tracking studies
Aspects of table scripting that are specific to DMS files and provides some examples of scripting tables in a DMS file
Data Management (DMOM) functions
Tips and answers to some common problems and queries.
Information about WinDMSRun, which you can use to set up and run your DMS files
Information about the sample DMS and related files that come with the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library
Reference information about the Data Management (DMOM) and Weight component object models
Scripting guidelines for improving performance in the OnNextCase event