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Examples of terminating interviews
To terminate an interview and flag it as an early complete:
IOM.Terminate(Signals.sigEarlyComplete, True, TerminateStatus.tsCompleted)
To suspend an interview so that it can be continued later; for example, after the respondent has tried the test product, watched the television program, or attended the course.
IOM.Terminate(Signals.sigStopped, True, TerminateStatus.tsScriptStopped)
Remember that stopped interviews can only be restarted using sample management. If the project does not use sample management respondents will not be able to restart these interviews.
To terminate an interview and flag it as terminated by quota control:
IOM.Terminate(Signals.sigOverQuota, True, TerminateStatus.tsScriptStopped)
If a respondent belongs in cells whose quotas are full, it is better to catch this in the script, display a suitable message, and then terminate the interview manually than to let the quota control system close the interview abruptly. It is up to you which termination status you use. It might be that if the quota checks are near the end of the script you decide to treat the interview as completed (tsCompleted) rather than stopped (tsScriptStopped).
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