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Format and location of image files
You can save images in any format whose MIME type is defined in IIS, so standard formats such as gif, wmf, and jpeg are all acceptable.
When you set up a new project that uses images, the best place to put those images is in the project folder. You can use a subfolder within the project folder, but in this case you will have to include the subfolder name in the image filenames when you refer to them in the script. When you activate the project, the images are copied with the other project files into the appropriate folders.
When you run the first interview on a project, the interviewing program copies all the project’s images into a central repository known as the image cache, and subsequently looks for images in that location. The default location for the image cache is FMRoot\Master\Projects in the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server installation folder. If you update images during the course of a project and reactivate the project, the image cache is automatically updated with the latest version of the file. If you do not want to reactivate, copy the updated files into image cache folder manually.
If the image cache is unavailable (for example, the server on which FMRoot resides might be down), the interviewing program looks for images for UNICOM Intelligence projects in [INSTALL_FOLDER]\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\7\Interviewer Server Server\mrIWebImages on the computer on which UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server is installed, so this is an alternative location you can use for images if you do not want to use the image cache.
To refer to images in specific folders in the image cache, you must enter the full URL of the file. This might vary depending on how UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server was installed, but a typical URL is:
ImageServerComputer is the name of your image server. Do not use the %image_cache%/filename notation that is used in scripts created using the Build activity, as this will not work outside Build.
When you are testing a script, your browser caches any images you use. If you change an image and then retest your script, the interviewing program uses the browser’s cached version of the image rather than the updated version, even if you manually copy the new file into the image cache folder. The only way to access the new image in the image cache is to close and reopen your browser. This does not apply to respondents taking live interviews because they are unlikely to take an interview more than once.
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