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Page titles
To display the interview title (defined in the IOM.Title property in the routing section), place the following statement in the template at the point you want to see the text:
<mrPageTitle> [Text] </mrPageTitle>
Text is any text of your choice. The interviewing program ignores this text, but it is useful if you want to test your template by opening the .htm file in your browser. In this case the text will be displayed in the position and with the attributes defined in the file.
For example, if the routing section contains:
IOM.Title="Employee Satisfaction Survey"
IOM.DefaultStyles.Questions[QuestionStyleTypes.qsCategorical].Style.Columns = 2
and the page layout template includes the following tags:
<font color="red" size="3"><center><b>
pages will look similar to the one shown here:
Page showing centered, red page title
This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
If you do not specify a page title, the interviewing program will display the name of the current question instead.
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