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Call blending: Design details
This section provides background information on the inbound calling feature.
SQL function
A user defined function called udf_GetNumeric compares the incoming phone number with the phone number fields in the participants table faster. It does this by stripping out the non-digit characters in the phone number fields. This function is added to the Participants table.
Sample management script support
GetSampleRec checks for inbound calls before retrieving records. A new record is created if no matching record can be found. All fields are set to the default except the Queue is set to INBOUND_NEW.
The InOut sample field is initialized to differentiate inbound from outbound records and records that were found in the participants table from those that were not.
ReturnSampleRec handles the InboundLookup code by deleting unused records based on the value of the InboundDeleteUnusedNewRecords DPM property.
The HandleInboundCall and HorizontalDialForInboundCall helper functions support retrieving the record.
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