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Salesforce Interview Service
The Salesforce Interview Service is a COM-callable proxy for the web service. It contains only one publicly creatable object with a ProgID of SalesforceService.Service. The object supports the following interfaces:
The properties of this interface are used by the Interview Services ServiceManager object to configure the service. The interface can also be used within a standalone mrScriptBasic script, allowing the Interview Service to be used outside of the Interview Services framework.
This interface is implemented by the Salesforce Interview Service ServicesManager in InterviewServices.dll.
The web service follows the normal Interview Services architecture of having a top-level object where the configuration values and sub-objects are exposed via the IOM.Services collection, which implements the service functionality. This ensures that only the service functionality is exposed via IOM.Services[], not the actual service configuration.
The Salesforce Service source code is released as an UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library sample. Its default location is:
The .dll file that is built from this source code is :
C:\Program Files\Common Files\IBM\SPSS\DataCollection\<version>IOM\SalesforceService.dll
See Salesforce Interview Services object model for more information.
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