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Changing the logo displayed in the results pane
By default, the UNICOM Systems, Inc. logo is displayed on all tables in the Results pane. You can turn this off, or you can replace it with your own logo in .png file format.
To remove the logo
1 Click Tools > Options.
The Options dialog opens.
2 On the Display tab, click Results Display Options.
3 In the Results Display Options dialog, click Advanced.
4 Clear Logo, and then click OK in all the open dialogs.
The logo is no longer displayed in the Results pane.
To change the logo
1 Save your company logo in .png file format, and add it to the folder that contains the survey data file.
2 Click Tools > Options.
3 On the File Locations tab, click the Browse button next to the Table logo field and select your logo file.
4 Click OK.
5 If you have previously turned off the logo display, select Logo in the Result Display Options dialog to turn it on again.
The new logo is now displayed in the Results pane.
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