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Saving a filter
You can apply a filter to the current table, or you can save the filter for use in other tables.
Saving a filter in the current table
Table filters are applied to the current table when you click away from the Filter pane, and are saved when you save the table document (.mtd) file.
Saving a filter for use in other tables
You can save a filter that you create on one table for use in other tables, by saving the filter as a variable. The variable then appears in the Variables pane and you can add it to the Filter tab for another table.
1 Create the filter in the first table where you want it to apply.
2 From the Filter menu, choose Save Filter As.
The Save Variable As dialog opens.
3 Enter a name and description for the new variable.
Ensure that the variable name conforms to the UNICOM Intelligence Reporter naming conventions: see Naming conventions.
4 Click OK.
The filter is applied to the current table, and the new filter variable is added to the Variables pane. The filter appears as an edited boolean variable:
This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
You can then apply the filter to other tables in the table document. See Applying a filter variable to another table for more information.
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