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Opening a survey data file
To open UNICOM Intelligence Reporter, click Windows Start menu > Programs > UNICOM Intelligence 7 > Reporter > Reporter.
The UNICOM Intelligence Reporter window appears.
In UNICOM Intelligence Reporter, you can work with survey data from a number of different file formats, including SPSS SAV files, Quanvert databases, and relational UNICOM Intelligence databases. The survey data file is opened read-only, and all the work that you do is saved in the form of a table document (.mtd) file, which references the survey data file.
In most cases, rather than open the data file directly, you open a metadata (.mdd) file that refers to the data file and tells UNICOM Intelligence Reporter how to read the data.
To open a survey data file
1 Click File > Open.
2 In the Open dialog, find the Museum sample survey (or one of your own survey data files). By default, the Museum sample survey is installed with the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library in this folder:
3 Select the metadata (Museum.mdd) file, and then click Open.
The survey data file opens, and a list of all the variables that are in the file appears in the Variables pane.
UNICOM Intelligence Reporter also creates a new table document (mtd) file, in which you can save the results of your analysis of the survey data. This means that your survey data file is not affected by any changes that you make using UNICOM Intelligence Reporter, as all changes are saved in the table document file.
4 Click File > Properties.
5 In the File Properties dialog, enter Museum of the Living World Visitor Survey in the Description field, and then click OK.
The description is displayed in the Design pane, and will also appear when you display results.
6 To exit UNICOM Intelligence Reporter once you have finished working through these examples, click File > Exit.
7 If you have any unsaved changes, you are prompted to save them in a table document (.mtd) file.
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