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Displaying text in other languages
I have a survey that contains translations of the category descriptions, but the text appears in English in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter. How do I display the translated text?
To display the text in another language, you need to select the appropriate language from the list in the File Properties dialog. See Changing the variable description language for more information.
I have a file containing Japanese text, but the characters are not recognized when I open the file in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter. How can I display the text in Japanese?
For languages that use Japanese or other Asian character sets, you must first install Asian language support on your computer. To do this:
1 From the Windows Start menu, choose Settings > Control Panel > Regional Options (or Regional and Language Options on some computers).
2 In Language Settings, select Install files for East Asian Languages, and then click OK. You might need to restart the computer when the installation is complete.
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