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Creating a category based on another variable
You can add a new category that is based on another variable. For example, in the Museum survey, you could add a category to the biology variable that selects respondents who entered a value greater than 4 when answering the question “How many times have you visited the museum before today?” (this the value in the visits variable).
You can do this by adding a user-defined category to the variable.
To add a category
1 In the Variables pane, select the text variable that you want to change.
2 Click Variables > Edit Variable
The Edit Variable window opens. It displays information about the variable.
3 Click Categories > Insert Categories
The Insert Categories dialog opens.
4 In the list of Available Items, select User-defined, and then click the >> button to add it to the list of items to insert.
5 Select the new category and edit the Description field to give it a meaningful description.
6 With the category still selected, click Edit item.
The Edit User-Defined Item dialog box opens.
7 In the list of variables, select the variable that you want to base the category on, for example, visits, and drag it to the Filter area.
8 Define the expression for the category. For example, select Greater than from the list box and then enter 4 in the box.
9 Click OK to save the changes and return to the Insert Categories dialog.
10 Click OK again to return to the Edit Variable dialog. If necessary, use the features in this dialog to make further changes to the variable.
11 Choose Save and Close from the toolbar.
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