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Add Factors dialog
Use the Add Factors dialog to insert factors for all the categories or selected categories in a variable.
To open the Add Factors dialog
1 Open the Edit Variable, Edit Table Variable, or New Variable dialog.
2 Optionally, highlight the categories to which you want to add factors.
3 Click Categories > Add Factors.
Categories to assign factors to
Choose whether to add factors to:
All: All the categories listed for the variable. If you choose this option, you can also choose whether to exclude special categories such as "No Answer" or "Don't Know".
Selected: Only categories that you have highlighted in the Edit Variable dialog.
Factors to assign
Choose from:
Standard: A number of standard sequences. The factors are applied to the categories in the order in which they appear in the Edit Variable dialog.
Custom: Your own custom sequence. To assign custom factors, enter a value for the first factor in the Start Value field and a value by which to increase the factor in each subsequent category in the Increment value field. For example, you might want the first category to have a factor of 10, and subsequent factors to increase by 10 for each category. Optionally, you can decrement the categories rather than increment them, by selecting Decrement factors.
If you add, delete, or reorder the categories in a variable, the factors are not updated. You can use this dialog again to apply factors to a variable that already has factors for some or all of the categories. Note that in this case the existing factors will be overwritten.
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