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Masked control background properties
Use the Background tab in the Masked Control Properties dialog to specify the background color and background text.
Background Color
Specifies a background color for the object. You can specify any color, including shades of gray. To remove a background color, select the paper color (usually white).
Background Text
Specifies background text for display in the character spaces. This can help respondents understand what they should write.
Color. Specifies color for the background text. To hide text characters, select No Text.
Font. Specifies the font of the background text.
Text. Specifies the background text. Each character space in the control can contain only one text character. UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper puts each character in the next available character space starting from the left. For example, if you have a control of five characters and enter six text characters into the Text box, UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Paper displays only the first five characters.
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