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Using context-sensitive help
If UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library (DDL) is installed on your computer, you can access specific help for any element of a UNICOM Intelligence Professional script. To do this, double‑click the element in the UNICOM Intelligence Professional Edit pane, and then press F1.
Help topics are included for all mrScriptBasic and mrScriptMetadata keywords, data management script keywords, Data Model functions, preprocessor directives, and UNICOM Intelligence object models. If a variable in your script references a UNICOM Intelligence object, click in the variable name and press F1 to open the help topic for the object type. If UNICOM Intelligence Professional cannot find a specific topic, for example, because a variable does not reference an object, the overview topic for the type of script that you are editing appears instead. If the displayed help topic does not provide you with the information you need, use the Contents, Index, and Search features.
To copy text from a help topic to the Windows Clipboard
Select the text. Right-click, and then click Copy.
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