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Running Auto Answer
Each time that you run Auto Answer, you can specify the following options:
The number of times that the interview will be run in succession.
The maximum number of attempts that UNICOM Intelligence Professional can have at generating a valid answer to a question. If that limit is exceeded, Auto Answer stops and displays an error message.
Whether UNICOM Intelligence Professional should refer to hints in the metadata document (.mdd) file when answering a question.
You can follow the progress of Auto Answer using the Auto Answer pane. Initially, this displays a list of all of the questions defined in the metadata section of your interview script. As Auto Answer progresses, questions that have been answered are highlighted in blue, and a number alongside each question shows the number of times that it has been answered.
The answers that UNICOM Intelligence Professional generates are displayed in the Output pane. If you have enabled the option to create case data from the interview, you will also be able to see the answers in the case data once Auto Answer has finished running. For more information, see Creating case data.
1 If your interview script has more than one routing context: In the Edit pane, click the tab of the routing context that you want to run Auto Answer for.
2 On the Debug menu, click Start With Auto Answer. Alternatively, press F6.
You can also run Auto Answer by choosing Auto Answer Data Generation from the UNICOM Intelligence Professional Tools menu. The difference between the two methods is that the “Start With Auto Answer” (F6) option stops execution if it encounters a breakpoint in the current routing context.
The Auto Answer dialog opens.
Running Auto Answer in debugging mode is slower then running in normal mode.
3 Set the options, and then click Start.
4 To reveal the Auto Answer pane, click the Auto Answer pane tab or press Alt+8 twice. To reveal the Output pane, click the Output pane tab or press Alt+6 twice.
5 To stop Auto Answer at any time, press Shift+F5.
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