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Calling Rules: Overrides
The Overrides settings allow you to specify the parameters that control dialing for a subset of records. All records, except those in the specified subset, continue to follow the base dialing rules.
Parameters that can be overridden are:
the maximum number of attempts for a record
the call back delay for numbers that are not answered, busy, answered by an answering machine, or started on the web.
In addition, you can specify that a subset of records be identified as having a high priority. High priority records are generally called before other records. This feature could be used, for example, if you discover that the completion percentage for a particular subset of records (region for example) is particularly low. You could indicate that the subset has priority until the completion percentage reaches the average, at which point you could disable the override.
Select this option when you want to specify that the Selection criteria value be identified as having priority over other records. High priority records are generally called before other records.
Selection criteria
The subset of records upon which the override parameters are based.
Time parameters
The table allows you to specify an override value (in minutes) for specific delay types. Select an option, and then enter a value in the Override (minutes) cell.
Delay Type
No answer delay
For numbers that are not answered
Busy delay
For numbers that are busy
Answering machine delay
For numbers that are answered by an answering machine
Web callback delay
For surveys that are started on the web
Maximum tries (for any day parts)
The maximum number of callback attempts for each participant.
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