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Customizing the applications
You can customize the basic look and feel of the Interviewer Console and UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Synchronization Console applications. These items can be customized:
set the default language
change text, or supply translated text, for items such as buttons and menu options
change the banner graphic and application icon
change the graphics and values used for project status
change the background color
set the project cache file’s save mode
set the merged batch limitation
set the archived file disk space
control the file types that can be uploaded to the server.
Example of a customized interface
Simple example of customized interface
Customizing the Interviewer Console
1 Exit UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer.
2 Go to the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer installation folder. The default location is:
3 Back up the existing IPlayerConsole.exe.config file.
4 Edit the IPlayerConsole.exe.config file in a text editor, for example, Notepad.
5 Change the values, as described in the following topics.
6 Save the file, and then start UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer.
7 If you want to make the same changes to other copies of the Interviewer Console, copy the IPlayerConsole.exe.config file to their installation folder. If you have many interviewing computers, you can simplify this process by using a product such as Symantec Ghost.
Setting the default language for UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer
Controlling deleted projects
Customizing application text
Customizing application banner and icons
Customizing project status graphics
Customizing background color
Setting the project cache file’s save mode
Setting the merged batch limitation
Setting the archived file disk space
Image Capture
GPS feature
Respondent files
Controlling the file types that can be uploaded
Controlling the size of the text in the Interview case grid
Controlling the size of the contact outcome text displayed while interviewing
Preventing interviewers from deleting cases in the Interviewer Console