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Recording questions
Question level recording is implemented as Label Style properties and is supported for all question types. The style properties can be set in either UNICOM Intelligence Author or UNICOM Intelligence Professional.
The position of the Record/Stop toolbar relative to the question label.
Controls whether the question is recorded and determines the recording method.
Record values
No recording; recording controls are not present. (Default)
The recording controls are present. Recording starts automatically as soon as the question appears. When a question is asked more than once, the recording controls are present in both instances. However, the recording must be manually started for the second instance (by clicking the Record button).
The recording controls are present. Recording is under interviewer control by the Start and Stop recording buttons.
Questions must never be recorded; recording controls are not present. This value is reserved for future use (as such, the value is not available in UNICOM Intelligence Author or Professional).
Setting the questions level recording
In Professional, the scriptwriter can set question level recording through metadata script:
Metadata script in VARIABLEIBM SPSS Data Collection Professional_short"/>
When recording is enabled for a question, the recording controls are presented as follows:
Recording controls
The interviewer can start and stop recording by clicking the appropriate controls:
Record controls
Start recording. When the Record option is set to Auto, the button is automatically selected.
Stop recording.
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