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The Data Entry Player interface
The Data Entry Player interface is composed of panels that provide pertinent visual references. The panels include:
The non-editable area at the top of the screen that displays specific case information, such as the project name, batch ID, entry mode, and unique ID.
The area where entries are keyed (similar to a text box). Also displays the question variable name that is being keyed. For more information, see Entry panel.
Question Text
Displays the question text for the current variable being keyed.
Response List
For a categorical question, this panel displays the available responses’ text and keycode value for the current variable being keyed.
Question List
An interactive list of questions that have been previously keyed within the current survey. The panel can be navigated to refer to and edit prior entries. For more information, see Question List panel.
Live Interview Player
An interface for conducting surveys in web player, telephone, or personal mode. For more information, see Live Interview Player.
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