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Editing and survey logic
Variables that are skipped as a result of an IF...GOTO sequence are not displayed in the Question List Panel, unless their values are automatically filled and the survey author specifies that they be displayed.
Skip-and-fill variables that are displayed within the Question List Panel cannot, however, be selected for editing. For more information, see Survey logic and the Question List panel.
When you navigate back to a previous entry that is the basis for a skip pattern to be initiated, and modify the entry, the Question List Panel automatically updates to accommodate a new logical sequence.
In some cases, changing an entry causes previously keyed entries to become skipped variables, which are then removed from the Question List Panel. In other cases, changing an entry causes entries that had previously been skipped to be displayed.
When editing a previous entry, in a survey where logical skip patterns exist, it is recommended that you pay close attention to the Question List Panel’s behavior to ensure that all entries are made and exist as data before completing the survey case.
Editing previous entries