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DMS file flow in a case data only transformation
The following diagram shows what happens when you run a case data-only transformation, either because you have not specified an input metadata source or because you are using an OLE DB provider that is not part of the UNICOM Intelligence Data Model to read the data.
The diagram shows the sequence in which the various parts of the file are executed. However, some parts of the file are optional. For example, the update queries are optional as are the OnBeforeJobStart and OnAfterJobEnd Event sections. You cannot use an OnAfterMetaDataTransformation, OnJobStart, OnNextCase, OnBadCase, or OnJobEnd Event section in a case data-only transformation.
This graphic is described in the surrounding text.
1 The OnBeforeJobStart Event section is processed first. See also Objects in the OnBeforeJobStart Event section.
2 The GlobalSQLVariables section can optionally be used to exchange information between the output and input data source. This is useful when you are transferring case data in batches and want to transfer only records that have been collected since the last batch was transferred. See also GlobalSQLVariables section.
3 The Update Query defined in the InputDataSource Section can be used to add, update, or delete case data in the input data source. See also InputDataSource section.
When the InputDataSource section uses a non-OleDBprovider (for example, Microsoft.ACE.OLEDB.12.0 as the input provider), DSCs that require the MDD file cannot be specified in the OutputDataSource section. For example, the DDF DSC cannot be used in the OutputDataSource section, but the SAV DSC can be used.
4 The case data is filtered according to the select query specified in the InputDataSource section.
5 The output data source is created based upon the variables specified in the select query in the InputDataSource section.
6 The case data specified in the select query is transferred to the output data source.
7 The update query specified in the OutputDataSource section can be used to add, update, or delete case data in the output data source. See also OutputDataSource section.
8 The OnAfterJobEnd Event section is processed after all other processing has finished. This can be used to set up tables. See also OnAfterJobEnd Event section.
Understanding the process flow