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WinDMSRun as programmer’s reference
The UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library comes with the Visual Basic .NET source code for WinDMSRun, which is a simple Windows tool that you can use to set up and run data management script files (see Data Management Script (DMS) file). The source code is provided as a reference for developers who are creating applications using the Data Management Object Model (DMOM).
To compile the source code you need to have both UNICOM Intelligence Professional and Visual Basic .NET installed. To run the executable file, you need to have UNICOM Intelligence Professional installed.
By default the executable file and the source code are in:
You can use the source files as a starting point when you develop your own applications, and so on. However, it is always advisable to work on a copy of the files rather than working on the sample files directly. This means you will avoid losing your work when you uninstall or upgrade to a new version of the UNICOM Intelligence Developer Documentation Library.
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