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Special characters in question and response texts
You can use most characters in question and response texts and, generally, the character that appears on your screen when you press the key is the character that the interviewing program will display during the interview. There are, however, a few exceptions.
The double quotation mark introduces or terminates a question or response text. To display this symbol as part of a text, type ".
The open curly brace symbol introduces the name of a variable whose value is to be inserted at that point in the text. To display { as part of the text, type %{. For more information, see Displaying answers in question and banner texts.
If { is followed by something other than a letter, the interviewing program and UNICOM Intelligence Professional displays what you typed, exactly as you typed it. However, in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server, the IVW log file reports a syntax error at the character that follows the {. For example, {$MyText} generates an error in the IVW file, but %{$MyText} does not.
This string inserts a line break in the text. You do not normally need to use this as pressing Enter usually produces the required result.
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