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Prioritizing quota cells for multiple choice answers
When you have quotas for multiple choice responses, the quota control system normally terminates an interview only if the targets for all of the chosen responses have been met. Otherwise, it pends the cells for the responses whose targets have not been met and returns the names of those cells in the WasPendedList property. The pend result flags will be a collection of values that reflects the actions taken.
For example, if the respondent has used brands A, B, and C and the target for brand B has been met, the cells for brands A and B will be pended and the interview will continue. Quota cells A and C will be named in WasPendedList, and the quota flags for the interview will be qrWasPended, qrOverTarget, and qrBelowTarget.
You can change this behavior by assigning a priority value to each quota so that cells are pended in a certain order, or you can set up least-full quota-ing that always pends the cells that are currently the least full. For more information about the methods of prioritization, see Quota prioritization for multiple response categorical questions.
If you use one of the standard prioritization methods, there is generally nothing that you need to do in the questionnaire script except pend the quota cells at the appropriate point in the interview. However, you must set some variables in the project’s quota database to specify which type of prioritization you want to use (see QUOTA_Matrix table). For examples of how to use quota prioritization in scripts, see:
Pending one cell only using prioritization
Pending a number of cells using prioritization
Unless otherwise stated, all examples work equally well with all prioritization methods.
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