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Creating the source
The Source .mdd file contains the basic structure of the question to be inserted and specifies the Wizard .mdd file that will ask the user for details. To specifies the Wizard, add the following to the metadata section of the .mdd file:
WizardPath = "<path_to_wizard_mdd>"
where <path_to_wizard_mdd> is the directory path to the Wizard .mdd file. The path can be either relative or absolute.
If WizardPath is not specified, or the Source cannot find the specified Wizard file, the Source acts as a normal library item. When an UNICOM Intelligence Author user inserts it, the Source is added to the Target as-is.
For an example of the metadata section of a Source .mdd file, see UNICOM Intelligence Author questionnaire wizard examples.
If you are planning to store your wizard in the UNICOM Intelligence Question Repository, you might eventually need to modify your WizardPath to account for the way UNICOM Intelligence Question Repository stores .mdd files. See Storing the questionnaire wizard for use by UNICOM Intelligence Author users for more information.
When working with project templates, WizardPath should point to the appropriate project template _file directory. Refer to Project templates for more information on working with project templates.
By default, UNICOM Intelligence Author checks for duplicate element names prior to launching the questionnaire wizard. To disable this feature, you can set the optional WizardPreCheck property to false. This is useful in cases where the Wizard will modify placeholder names in the Source.
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