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Case List columns
The Case List columns are also referred to as display fields. Display fields are identified for inclusion in the case list when the document’s author activates a project in UNICOM Intelligence Author or UNICOM Intelligence Professional; display fields can also be defined in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin. Display fields cannot be added or removed while in UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer. For more information about selecting display fields, see “Activation” in the UNICOM Intelligence Author or UNICOM Intelligence Professional User's Guide.
The display field columns organize information presented for each case in the case list.
If the project includes participant records, when in Live interview mode, the participant records and case data records display in the Case List.
A display field is always viewable for each case's entry status. For more information, see Case entry status labels.
To change the order of the columns or resize them, see Configuring Interviewer Console views.
Case List