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HTML export: Basic template
The elements for the following HTML Export basic template are documented on the IBM SPSS Statistics product site.
Each section definition can be obtained from the template comments. When creating a new template, only a few of the basic templates attributes need to be added or modified.
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<visualization id="visualization1" style="visualizationStyle" version="2.8">
<defines the following template, copies the following section to the new template, and modifies the template name -->
<template aggregates="true" inst="" location="" url="" version="1">
<!-- the following line defines the template name. The name typically needs to be modified for the new template-->
<name xml:lang="en">Heat Map Test</name>
<description xml:lang="en"/>
<!-- define the variables that are used in the template -->
<!-- Typically, X, Y, Color, Label...-->
<variable type="categorical">
<name xml:lang="en">X</name>
<variable type="categorical">
<name xml:lang="en">Color</name>
<description xml:lang="en"/>
<variable type="continuous">
<name xml:lang="en">Y</name>
<variable type="categorical">
<name xml:lang="en">Label</name>
<description xml:lang="en"/>
<!-- Structure -->
<!-- defines the details for the following chart (such as the chart location, coordinate, type, dimensions...) -->
<graph cellStyle="graphStyle" id="graph">
<!-- Size -->
<location id="location_245802" method="attach" part="right" target="legendContainer"/>
<coordinates id="coordinates_245803">
<dimension id="dimension_245804">
<axis id="axis_245805">
<label id="label_245806" purpose="auto" style="labelStyle">
<descriptionGroup id="descriptionGroup_245807" target="X">
<description id="description_245808" name="label"/>
<dimension id="dimension_245810">
<axis id="axis_245811">
<label id="label_245812" purpose="auto" style="labelStyle2">
<descriptionGroup id="descriptionGroup_245813" target="Color">
<description id="description_245814" name="label"/>
<!-- defines the following chart types (such as polygon, interval, point...) -->
<!-- also defines the relationship between the variables and chart engine -->
<polygon id="polygon_245816" style="polygonStyle">
<binStatistic gridType="square" id="binStatistic_245817" method="aggregate"/>
<colorComponent id="colorAesthetic" type="saturation" variable="Y">
<summaryStatistic id="summaryStatistic_245819" method="mean"/>
<labeling id="labeling_245820" textFrameStyle="labelingStyle" variable="Label">
<summaryStatistic id="summaryStatistic_245821" method="mode"/>
<!--defines relationships below between the variables and chart engine for the x element, y element… -->
<x variable="X"/>
<y variable="Color"/>
<!--defines the other subframes(for example, container, labeframe…) for the following chart (such as for color, label…) -->
<container id="legendContainer">
<!-- Size -->
<location id="location_245823" method="same" part="top" target="graph"/>
<location id="location_245824" method="same" part="bottom" target="graph"/>
<location id="location_245825" max="30%" method="sizeToContent" part="width"/>
<location id="location_245826" method="fixed" part="right" value="100%"/>
<legend id="legend_245827" style="legendStyle" tickTextStyle="legendStyle2">
<!-- Size -->
<location id="location_245828" method="fixed" part="width" value="200px"/>
<location id="location_245829" method="fixed" part="height" value="500px"/>
<location id="location_245830" method="fixed" part="left" value="0px"/>
<location id="location_245831" method="fixed" part="top" value="0px"/>
<label id="label_245832" purpose="auto" style="labelStyle3">
<text id="text_245833">Mean (</text>
<descriptionGroup id="descriptionGroup_245834" target="Y">
<description id="description_245835" name="label"/>
<text id="text_245836">)</text>
<legendTarget id="legendTarget_245837" target="colorAesthetic"/>
<!-- defines the styles that are used by the following elements (such as label, legend…) -->
<!-- Styles -->
<style color="black" color2="transparent" font-size="8pt" font-weight="bold" id="labelStyle" padding="1px"/>
<style color="black" color2="transparent" font-size="8pt" font-weight="bold" id="labelStyle2" padding="1px"/>
<style color="black" color2="transparent" font-size="9pt" font-weight="regular" id="labelStyle3" margin="3px" padding="2px"/>
<style color="white" color2="transparent" id="visualizationStyle" padding="0.3in"/>
<style color="#EBEBEB" color2="black" id="graphStyle"/>
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