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Publishing the results
When you have analyzed the data and formatted it, you can:
print the results: see Printing results
export results to file formats that can be used by other applications. You can export to these formats:
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
text (a delimited text file, typically a .csv file).
You export results using the Export Tables dialog.
When you first use an export format, UNICOM Intelligence Reporter downloads and installs a component for that format on your computer. Generally, this is quick and does not cause a problem. However, it requires you to have administrator rights on your local computer. When you subsequently export to the same format, UNICOM Intelligence Reporter detects that the component has already been downloaded and does not download it again.
You cannot export data from UNICOM Intelligence Reporter when working with a project opened from the UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin server (sometimes known as the Accessories server). Data export is only supported for projects opened from the local computer. UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin provides its own “Export Data” feature.
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