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Export Data dialog: Variables tab
Use the Variables tab of the Export Data dialog to select the variables for which you want to export data.
All variables
Exports all variables in the survey data set that is open in UNICOM Intelligence Reporter.
Variables currently selected in the variable list
If you do not want to export all variables, select those that you do want to export using the Variables pane, then check this box.
View selection
Check this box to see the variables selected in the Variables pane. If you want to change your selection, choose cancel to return to the main UNICOM Intelligence Reporter window, and use Shift+click or Ctrl+click to select the required variables.
Specific types of variables
Use this option to export only variables of a particular type or types. Choose any of:
Numeric - long
Numeric - float
Categorical with other specify
Include system variables in export
To export system variables, check this box, and choose from:
Common system variables. System variables contain general information about the questionnaire as a whole rather than data related to an individual question and, as such, they might be of little use for analysis purposes. However, rather than forcing you to choose between exporting all or no system variables, Export Data offers a third option of exporting only the more commonly used system variables.
All system variables.
Export special data elements (e.g., Base, Net)
When selected, special data elements are also exported. See “Special elements” in the Data Collection Developer Library for more information about special elements.
Variable edits
These options allow you to select which variables should be exported for the axis variable.
Export edited definition. Exports only the edited, derived axis variable definition name.
Export original definition. Exports only the original variable definition name.
Export original and edited definitions. Exports both the original variable definition and the edited, derived axis variable definition names.
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