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Opening and saving table documents
When you first open a survey data file, a new blank table document (.mtd) file is created. You can use this to save the results of your analyses in table or chart format. When working on a survey, you might want to create several table documents and switch between them. For example, in the Museum sample survey, there are two main groups of respondents:
people entering the museum
people leaving the museum.
The two groups of respondents were asked different sets of questions. When analyzing the survey responses, you might decide to create three .mtd files:
one to analyze the responses to the questions put to the first group
one to analyze the responses to the questions put to the second group
one to analyze the responses to the questions that were put to both groups.
You can save table documents on your hard drive, on a shared drive to which you have access so that they are available to other users, or to the server.
Opening a table document
From menu, choose File > Open.
If you are running UNICOM Intelligence Reporter via UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin, you cannot open local files. The Open command is disabled, and you can only open files from the server.
Opening a table from the server
1 Click File > Open from Interviewer - Server Admin.
To use this, UNICOM Intelligence Reporter must be already installed on the server.
2 Browse to a previously saved table document, and then click Open.
UNICOM Intelligence Reporter opens the data survey file associated with the table document and displays any tables that have already been created.
Opening UNICOM Intelligence Reporter with a table document
You can also open UNICOM Intelligence Reporter directly with a specific table document (.mtd):
Navigate to the file using Windows Explorer and double-click the file to open UNICOM Intelligence Reporter with that file. This opens the associated survey data file, and displays any tables in the table document, as well as the variables in the associated data survey file.
Alternatively, if you have recently opened the file, you can reopen it directly from the menu. Choose Files > Recent Files, and then select the file from the list.
Saving a table document
1 Click File > Save.
2 In the Save dialog, browse to a folder where you want to save your results.
3 In the File Name field, enter a name for the file, and then click Save.
When performing a Save As for a file that was opened from the server (Interviewer - Server Admin), you can only save to the current project directory.
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