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Advanced dialog
You can use the Advanced dialog to save a copy of the current table document without the survey data file details, or reopen the file with a different data set.
To display the Advanced dialog, choose File > Advanced from the menu.
Fields on the Advanced dialog
Include table and profile results when saving
Select this option if you want to keep the results as well as the table and profile specifications.
Copy To Local File
Saves a copy of the document on your local workstation.
Copy to Interviewer - Server Admin
Saves a copy of the document to the server.
The lower section of the Advanced dialog allows you to reopen the current document with a different data set reference. It contains the following fields:
Add new elements to edited variables
If you select this option, elements added in the dataset being opened will be added to the edited variables in the current document. Variables that have been edited on a table will not be updated.
UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin does not distinguish between elements that were added in the current survey data file and those that were deleted in the new file you are opening. Therefore, in the latter case, selecting this option effectively restores the deleted elements.
Open With Dataset
Opens the file with a new data set. You are prompted to select a survey data file.
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