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Sorting a table
You can sort tables on rows, columns or specific items, in ascending or descending order. See Sorting tables for more information.
To sort a table
1 In the Tables pane, select the table that you want to sort.
2 Click Tables > Properties.
3 Click the Sort tab.
4 In the Sort rows based on or Sort columns based on list, click the column or row that you want to sort on. Alternatively, choose one of the First/last row/column options. These options are useful if you add new categories to your surveys over time and you want to reuse the tables. For example, if you have a table containing monthly data, you can select Last column to sort the table by the latest month, rather than selecting the name of the month each time you update the data.
If required, you can sort on both rows and columns.
To sort columns, you select the row on which to sort, and vice versa.
5 Choose ascending order or descending order as required.
6 Click OK, and then generate the table to see the results of your changes: click the Generate table button This graphic is described in the surrounding text..
You cannot apply sort options to multiple tables, as the options available depend on the rows and columns in individual tables.
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