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Data Link Properties: Advanced tab
You use the Advanced tab in the Data Link Properties dialog to define the data validation options you require and, if you are using a relational database, the database login information.
Reading Categorical Data
Specifies whether the categories of categorical variables are displayed as numeric values or names. This option is not relevant when you are using UNICOM Intelligence Scan Transfer to export the scanned data from ReadSoft FORMS.
Writing data
Specifies whether the CDSC deletes the output data, if it exists, before writing new data.
Append to existing data
Append to the existing data if it exists. This is the default behavior.
Replace existing data
Delete the existing data and schema. This enables data to be created with a different schema.
Replace existing data but preserve schema
Delete the existing data, but preserve the existing schema if possible. For some CDSCs, such as IBM SPSS Statistics SAV and Delimited Text, the schema will not be preserved because deleting the data results in the loss of the schema.
Perform data validation
Select if you want case data to be validated before it is written. Deselect if you do not want any validity checks to be performed on case data before it is written.
Allow dirty data
Select if you have chosen data validation, and you want to run in dirty mode. This means that data is accepted even if it has some inconsistencies. Deselect this option to run in clean mode, which means that data is rejected if it contains any inconsistencies (for example, if more than one response has been selected in answer to a single response question).
The validation that is performed varies according to the DSC that is selected.
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