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Element properties
You can define properties for elements and special elements in the axis specification. You specify the properties after the element to which they apply as follows:
<properties> ::= [<property> [, <property>]]
<property> ::= CalculationScope=AllElements|PrecedingElements |
               CountsOnly=True|False | Decimals=DecimalPlaces |
               Factor=FactorValue | IsFixed=True|False
                                  | IsHidden=True|False
                                  | IsHiddenWhenColumn=True|False
                                  | IsHiddenWhenRow=True|False
                                  | IncludeInBase=True|False
                                  | IsUnweighted=True|False
               Multiplier=MultiplierVariable |
The examples in this section show how to use element properties, and are available in a number of sample mrScriptBasic files. Run these samples and examine the exported HTML tables to see each of the example axes in a table. See Running the sample table scripts for information on running the example scripts.
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