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Options dialog: Preview tab
Use the Preview tab of the Options dialog to set defaults for previewing interviews in UNICOM Intelligence Author. By default, interviews are previewed using Internet Explorer.
Use embedded Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is the default option. Interview previews will be embedded in the Interview Preview window using Internet Explorer.
Using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (or later)
When using Microsoft Internet Explorer 9 (or later), you must manually update the default template:
1 Open this file in a text editor (for example, Microsoft Notepad):
2 Change:
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge" />
<meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=8" />
Use alternate browser
Select this option to preview interviews in an different internet browser. Click Browse and select the .exe program to use. This option is only valid for Web previews.
Add arguments in the Arguments box. If the browser does not support the arguments, it might behave unexpectedly; for example, Microsoft Internet Explorer might display search results.
For more information, see Previewing questionnaires.
HTML Options
No expiry meta tags
When selected, the following expiry meta tags are excluded from the HTML output:
<meta http-equiv="Expires" content="-1"/>
<meta http-equiv="Pragma" content="no-cache"/>
Web TV support
When selected, the rendered HTML is compatible with WebTV browsers.
No auto jump
When selected, automatic jumps to the next question are suppressed when a single-choice answer is selected (the user must select an answer, and then press Enter).
Use predefined keycodes
When selected, predefined keycodes are used for CATI Player questions.
Use tables layout
When selected, table layout is used for single row/column categorical lists. This setting reverts HTML rendering to use tables as in releases prior to UNICOM Intelligence 6.0. <span> tags are used to render categorical lists.
Apply sub templates in grids
When selected, custom controls in sub-templates are activated for grid and loop questions.
Use global templates
By default, UNICOM Intelligence searches for templates first in the Project location, and then in the Global location. To search in the Global location first, and then in the Project location, select this option.
For more information, see Where the web tier looks for templates.
Apply sub templates in nested blocks
When selected, custom controls in sub-templates are applied for questions in blocks.
Browser capabilities
The provided field allows you to define specific browser capabilities. The default value is:
The list provides all HTML and XHTML rendering options for web surveys.
Data Entry options
Auto advance
When selected, the auto advance feature is activated for data entry.
Manually configuring HTML Options and HTMLDocType settings
In addition to configuring the HTML Options and DocType settings on the Preview tab, you can also manually define the settings in the Questions pane.
1 In the Questions pane, select the document node, right‑click at the bottom of the Design pane, and then click Custom Properties. The Custom Properties information displays in the Design pane.
2 To create an HTML Options entry, click in an empty Name cell. Type HTMLOptions, enter Question in the adjoining Context cell, and then enter the values in the adjoining Value cell.
3 To create a DocType entry, click in an empty Name cell and enter HTMLDocType, enter Question in the adjoining Context cell, and then enter the values in the adjoining Value cell.
The resulting metadata, available on the Script tab, resembles the following:
HtmlDocType = "UseTemplateDocType",
HtmlOptions = "NoExpiryMetaTags,NoAutoJump"
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