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Previewing questionnaires
Previewing a questionnaire is a useful way of testing that the questions and responses appear as you expect them to, without activating the questionnaire. You can preview a questionnaire as you are creating it, alternating between making changes to the question settings and running a preview to see how the latest changes appear in the online questionnaire.
If you have attached style templates to your questionnaire, the questions are displayed in the style defined in the templates. For more information, see Using style templates for questionnaires.
When working with UNICOM Intelligence Author Server Edition, you must first save the active document before you will be allowed to preview the questionnaire.
To preview a questionnaire
1 In the Routings pane, choose the routing that you want to preview.
2 Click View > Interview Preview or press Ctrl+Shift+I.
The questionnaire is displayed full screen, one page at a time.
3 To switch between the Web view, the telephone interview view, and the data entry view, choose the Web, Phone, or Data Entry tab at the bottom of the dialog. When the questionnaire file is opened from an UNICOM Intelligence Interviewer - Server Admin, Web and Phone previewing is run on the server; Data Entry previewing is run on the local computer.
4 Choose the next or back buttons to move through the questionnaire and check that the text and layout are correct.
5 Click New Case to restart the interview preview (return the questionnaire back to its beginning).
6 Click Close to close the preview and return to UNICOM Intelligence Author.
If you have set up any of the questions so that a response is required rather than optional, you will need to enter a response of some kind in order to continue moving through the questionnaire.
When additional response details are defined for the questionnaire, and the questionnaire is then previewed on the Phone tab or activated, the keyboard shortcuts for the additional responses are presented as Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2 or Ctrl+3.
When entering case data in Data Entry mode, the user interface only displays responses that are currently being entered. If default answers are already present, the answers will be written to the database but will not be visible in the user interface at the time of initial entry. If the case is reopened in Data Entry Player, the defaults answers will be visible, as the data is read from the database for display in Data Entry Player.
You can record case data when previewing a questionnaire. This recorded case data can be used during auto answer playback. For more information, see Auto Answer dialog.
In Data Entry mode, you can use the right-click context menu to:
Select which panels display
Select which columns appear in the Question List panel
Save or restore saved settings
Restore the default settings
See also Using HTML formatting.
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