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Creating multiple response questions
If you want to create a question with a list of responses from which the respondent can choose several, use a multiple response question type. For example: “Which of these types of coffee have you ever purchased?” in response to which the respondent can select any number of brands from a list.
See also Creating grid questions.
Creating a multiple response question
1 Click Insert > Question > Multiple Response, or press Ctrl+F2.
The question has an automatically generated name: see Automatically generated names.
2 Enter the question text to be displayed to respondents in the box under Name. For example, What types of transport does your current journey involve?
3 In the first row of the Responses table that is below the question, type the text of the first response. This is the text of the response as it will be displayed to respondents. To save the response and move to a new line, press Enter or the down arrow key. Each time you do this, a new line is displayed where you can type the next response.
To correct the text of a response, use the up arrow key to move back through the list.
Specifying number of responses options
The Minimum and Maximum fields indicate the number of responses that can be entered for the question. For questions where a response is required, the minimum is 1.
Specifying other options
Specifying additional question details in the Properties pane.
Specifying response options
Specifying presentation options
Specifying additional response details in the design pane.
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