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Creating display text
Use Display text when you want to add text to your questionnaire that does not require a response. This can include introductory text for which you do not want to record a response, such as “I’m conducting an interview on coffee-drinking habits. Do you have time to answer a few questions?” or information for the use of interviewers, such as “Questions for respondents who do not drink coffee.”
Creating display text
1 Click Insert > Question > Display Text, or press Ctrl+F10.
The new question is displayed in the Routings pane and in the Design pane. It has an automatically generated name: see Automatically generated names.
2 Enter the question text to be displayed to respondents in the box under Name. For example, Questions for respondents who do not drink coffee.
The display text is now ready for use. You can specify additional details about the question: see Specifying additional question details in the Properties pane.
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